I am also fond of family portrait with a unique documentary style : family session, family time, family photography.


For one or two hours, a day-session or a family vacation, allow me to be your eyes for few moments shared with your family. With my photojournalistic style, I will document your family the way they are, without trying to pose you in a certain way which would not reflect your family !

What does a session looks like ? I come in your home and follow your day. It could be lunch time (so much fun), a fun hour at your favorite park and just watch the kids going wild in your backyard. I do not direct, I let you and your children be to capture your true selves.

Plus, you get to enjoy my French accent for a bit. How cool is that ? 

 I am also a pround member of the Family Photojournalism Association !

I am also a pround member of the Family Photojournalism Association !

Being pregnant is the most unique experience that can happen to a woman. I love spending time with a couple and shoot tender moments between them. Sometimes, the baby will start to kick in as he knows how impatient his parents are to meet him. How does a session work ? Again, we meet at your home, where you feel comfortable and relax, and then we go wherever you want to go. This is for you and you choose wherever you want to be. Of course, if you want some good ideas, I am always here to help you!

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