Wedding at Mount Airy Mansion, Maryland

When you arrive to the Mount Airy Mansion, it is hard to resist to the charm of the XVIIe century. The while wall and old paintings give to the venue a taste of history. 

Kristina and Eric chose this place because it resonated with them. It was simple and classy, like their wedding. Three bridesmaids and groomsmen, less than an hundred guests, a half-an-hour ceremony was their wedding. 

For stressed brides, you should have seen Kristina and Eric wedding. Stress free, quiet, very emotional and romantic. The only thing you could feel in the air was love. 

Venue : Mount Airy Mansion

Photographer : Mary Sandoval, assisted by Natasha Lamalle.

Why do I love Indian weddings so much ?

A Indian wedding in India

I haven't discover Indian weddings like most wedding photographers. As I was questioning myself about whether or not to start to wedding business, I went two weeks in India to be part of a three-day wedding. This was such a unique experience. We were welcomed with warm arms.

It was the peak of our trip ! I rushed into a shop with my former roommate and resident of New Delhi to find the perfect saree.

Sorry but I cannot restrain myself from posting these...

The wedding took place in Amritsar during two wonderful days, where we drank only water and Black label, and danced like crazy on Indian-Sick music. Legen- wait for it - dary. Legendary !

What I love so much about Indian weddings are not just the colors. It's all about the traditions, the music, the culture. I enjoy seeing a total different way of committing to the love of a life. 

But above all, what I love the most, is the music. I can't just listen to Indian music. My full body is moving, starting with my feet, then my waist and then my arms up in teh air. I cannot do anything about that. 

Washington DC Indian wedding photographer

I have shoot three Indian weddings - two Indian Punjabe weddings and one Pakistani Punjabe - and I cannot wait to shoot more. Here are some peak of these wonderful moments !

What about you ? How do you like to cover an Indian wedding or to be part of it ? What's your best experience ?

Wedding in Grosse Ile, Michigan

I am a good friend and as a good friend who cares about wedding preparation, I could not have let my friend Gabby get ready without capturing this moment. I quickly did my make-up, put on my dress, and started to shoot my friend and her family. 

During a wedding, I believe getting ready is often looked over but is the most important and most intimate moment of the day. It is still quiet although stressful, personal although crowded. This is the moment of the bride, and the bride only, to have pictures she will cherish for the rest of her life. 

We spent half a day at the pilot house on the island of Grosse Ile in Michigan.

I loved being a part of this special day for Gabby and Billy.