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French wedding traditions are the best, seriously

Okay, maybe I am saying that because I am a bit homesick. But still, some of our traditions are fun. And SO french.

La jarretière

The tradition of the garter (jarretière in French) is always really fun! It is from the old tradition of having the guests helping financially the groom and the bride. Nowadays, the goal is the same but the new tradition added a little game. The bride put her dress at the level of her knees. When a man at the wedding gives money to the wedding jar, the bride has to ride up her dress, in the direction of the garter. When it's a woman, she can put it down. It is always a good entertainment during the wedding. 

From the brand  Nouchig

From the brand Nouchig

Les Dragées

They are on all tables. The draguée are basically almonds cover with sugar. They can be any colors and have any shapes. It is a very old tradition from the 16e century when the dragée were in every King's pockets. They are the symbol of eternal love and fertility. In today's wedding, people usually take the dragée back home as a souvenir or can also be sent to the guests who could not make it to your special day. 

 Le Lancer de riz

This is happening when the bride and the groom get out of the church or the city hall. Their guests are already outside, waiting for them to throw rice at them. This is the "lancer de riz". Another symbol of fertility. Nowadays, rice tends to be remplace with confetti and petals.


Le Pot de chambre

This is the disgusting part of the wedding for the groom and the bride as they are usually getting wake up by a bowl of food and drinks. The recipe is traditionally a mix of chocolate, banana and champagne. But now, the guests are just mixing up anything they would find on the table. Although it is very fun for the guests, I am not sure the bride and the groom are really enjoying that part. 

Honk away in the crow

It's another tradition from the middle-age. Every time the groom and the bride take the car to go somewhere else (the church, the city hall and then the venue), a cortege of cars follow them and make a lot of noise, as much as then can! Just to be sure that everyone knows what is going on!

La soupe à l'oignon

This is one of the most famous French meal. And a tradition for every French weddings or big parties. During the night, after the whole meal and hours of dance, the guests always love having a little meal to continue the party!

Which one is your favorite ?

10 French love songs you have to dance on for your wedding day

Yes, French people don't have Madonna or Michael Jackson to make the crow dance. But when it comes to love, we aren't bad at all. For your wedding playlist, here's 10 songs you should have !

1. La vie en rose, Edith Piaf

"Happy, happy to die of love" says Edith in her song. Her voice is the most beautiful one and the song is all about the butterfly you feel when you are in love. 

2. Je t' non plus, Gainsbourg & Birkin

They were one of the most famous couple for a while. Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin sing together about love. Translated by "I love you... neither am I", the song is very sensual, even sexual as Gainsbourg talks a lot about hip thrust and go/ back between her kidneys. Bad news, parents might not like it. Good new, it's in French, nobody will understand.


3. Je l'aime à mourir

What makes this song so great ? The lyrics. They are just so beautiful. "I love her so much I could die, She’s erased the numbers On the clocks around here, She’s made of my life Paper hens And roars of laughter". Who would not fall for that? 


4. Et si tu n'existais pas, Joe Dassin

Ok, it is a little bit cheesy. But isn't it the typical French love song ? Come on, you can give it a try! Listen and read the English lyrics, I bet you are going to fall in love with the kitsch side of it.


5. Le Tourbillon, Jeanne Moreau

This song was used in one of my favorite French movie LOVE ME IF YOU DARE (a must-see by the way). 


6. T'es belle, Volo

"You are pretty when..." and the music goes on. They are telling you that you are pretty anytime anywhere! Isn't it great?


7. Quand on n'a que l'amour, Jacques Brel

This song is beautiful. "When we only have love" was first sang in 1956 by Jacques Brel. Since then, a numerous amount of singers made their own version of it. 


8. Les mots d'amour, Debout sur le zinc

The band is very active since 1995. Their song "the word of love" is about how the singer wants to be able to write love songs with a lot of love. The music is a mix of yiddish, rock and tziganes sounds. 


9. La vie ne vaut rien, Alain Souchon

"Life worth nothing" is the title. I know what're you thinking. "Here we go French sleen". Not at all. The song has a twist. "Life worth nothing... but we I hold the two small boobs of my friend, I say nothing." Basically, the singer is saying life is nothing if you don't love a special someone. 


10. Mon idylle, Vanessa Paradis

Vanessa Paradis... Yes you know her. She was Johnny Deep's love for a long time, until he went to get a younger version. Whatever. Her song is about the man she loves and desires. The perfect man.