In my life

Taking pictures for me and no one else

I really enjoyed my weekend being with my boyfriend's family in South & North Carolina, where his mom is from. It's nice to take my camera and just take pictures for my own pleasure. Not for a client neither a third party but ME. We sometimes forget to take pictures for us as a hobby. These pictures don't have to be crazy or unforgettable. They can just BE. It is so necessary for a healthy photographer brain to just push a button without thinking about what people will think about your pictures. The only one you have to satisfy at the end is YOU.  

Here are my pictures for myself. 


My first cherry blossom

I'm not going to lie. I though Cherry Blossom would be like this crazy event very spectacular. My expectation were really high. So I ended a bit disappointed. I still took some pictures here and there but it wasn't quite like I thought it would be. 

Here are some shots from last night.