"I studied History and Philosophy. Oh ya ? And how is it going for you so far?"

I was in the DC bus this morning when I was talking about my starting business to my lovely boyfriend and his adorable humor. 

"I studied History and Philosophy in college" I said, thinking about how I was going to do to built my business. 

With a big smile on his ironical face, he told me : " Oh ya ? And how is it going for you so far?" 

Well, first, I gave him my weird "stop mocking me" face. But then, I though about it. Clearly, business is not my thing. I'm a not a born seller or a money-strategies-kind-of-person. But History and Philosophy helped me having two skills I love the most.

First, I am observance. As a photographer, there is no need to explain why it is important to pay attention to every little thing and, above all, the things which people usually don't see. 

Second, I am an adventurer. For example, I left my country to follow someone I love without thinking. And it was the best choice I have ever made in my entire life. Well, I am only 27-year-old so everything can still happen. I am just going to continue what I do best : taking any opportunity which will make me do thing I would be scared about if I was thinking about it.

So, how is it going so far? Well, I think I could do worst. 

Hanging out at my boyfriend's office in Bethesda, reading a book about business's improvement. 

Hanging out at my boyfriend's office in Bethesda, reading a book about business's improvement. 

A new beginning

I have always loved taking pictures. The better I got at it, the more I loved it. I started taking pictures because as a journalist, I felt I needed to know how to do this as well. It was a whole. I could tell a story with my words and my eyes. 

Because press is evolving in a way where there is a very little space for new talent and entrepreneurship, I chose to follow another path called wedding photography. 

Washington DC gave me the best sunset for my first engagement session with Ken Pak.

I looked around me to find a job which would allow me to be faithful to myself. I have a lot of empathy. It's one of my super power. I absorb people's emotions and feelings. So it was clear that wedding photography will fit me perfectly. Being surrounded by love and happiness is one of my life's goal. The more happy I am, the better I can do my job. 

So here we go. I got my canon 5D in my bag and a 24 et 50 mm lens with it. Soon I will add a 35 mm and a 85 mm. I don't need more. I just want to tell a story in a simple way.