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What is a newborn session at home ?

Renee was pregnant when she contacted me. It was important for her to schedule a session with me. We agreed that the best would be to get a picture between her 5th and 10th day. Penelope was on her 10th day when I met her. She was a sleepy but beautiful baby girl. As her parents were finishing breakfast, I started my session with 15 minutes of her in her crib, to get many facial details.

As you can see on the first black and white pictures, details are so important during a newborn photography session because, really, what’s cuter than a baby foot? I love to pay attention to these small things that are a big deal for newer parents. “There are so small”, is their first reaction. But you also know it’s not going to last. That’s is why hiring a newborn photographer is a beautiful gift to you and your lovely child.

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Documentary newborn photographer in DC

We did our session in the morning, which is my favorite time to come in a home. Why? Because everyone is well-rested, or I hope so, and we get easily manage to have a sweet and quiet session. My clients do like that I’m not invasive, or pushy. As a documentary newborn photographer, I follow your day for one or two hours without posing. Like I always say to my clients : “Stay yourself, you are enough”!

There is nothing easier than getting emotion out of new parents There are so amazed by their baby that I always find it easy to capture emotions of the mom or the dad. The real challenge is to capture the baby’s first expression and emotion. Maybe that’s why it feels like a victory when you get a smile or a funny face, because the baby gave you a bit of itself.