Documenting your family with a "Day In The Life" Session

Documentary family photographer

A hug in the morning, the first bath, a kiss at night: all these moments deserve to be captured so they will exist forever. I started family photography when my friends and family started to have children. I love capturing these beautiful moments of life that make me smile behind the camera.

What is documentary family photography? The answer here!


What is a “Day in the Life” session?

From sunrise to sunset, I am following your beautiful family around. No need to do anything special : you wear what you usually wear, you do what you usually do, your kids play like they usually play. I’m here to capture the small moments of your everyday life. You might think that there is nothing special, until you look back to see how fast time goes by.


Why should I hire a family photographer ?

Of course, you are taking pictures of your kid all the time. But what about you. I’d like to think that your children will cherish these photos of you and them. More than that, I will capture things you might not see. As a documentary photographer, I am a storyteller. Though my camera, I will tell the story of their childhood and your parenthood with the real moments that you live every day.


Natasha Lamalle is offering Documentary Family Photography Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia. Read some more ! “This Is Why You Need A Documentary Family Photographer During Your Vacation”


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