This is why you need a documentary family photographer during your vacation

When the baby tries to take over my job.

When the baby tries to take over my job.

A family photographer for your vacation

As a documentary photographer, I love capturing moments of your everyday life. But a family vacation is an extra special moment between you and your children.

When Sabine and Fabrice invited me on their weekend, I thought it was a great idea and the perfect occasion to immortalize their first vacation as a family of 3. I documented their big activities as well as small moments between them and their first born.

What is documentary family photography? The answer here!

Baby Camille on his dad’s shoulders during a small walk.

Baby Camille on his dad’s shoulders during a small walk.

Why have a photographer during my vacation?

The reason is simple : documenting your vacation is a way of keeping beautiful memories alive, as well as having these photos in an album to keep these precious moments forever near you.

This is also for your kids, that will one day be adults. They will have beautiful pictures of moments with you that they will be able to remember as they grow up. I wish my parents would have done that, that is why I love doing family photography : to make sure that I can capture these memories for you, your children, your grand-children.

We have a camera so why hire a professional photographer ?

First, if not obvious, is that you cannot be in front of and behind the camera! But the main reason to hire a photographer/me, is the unique point of view that I will have during our session. As a trained photojournalist, I know how to tell a story through images.

Family vacations are my best memories with my parents. This is when we laughed the hardest, I bonded with my brother, and we shared incredible experiences together. I want to make sure that these feelings are passed to you, through my photographs.

family session photography.jpg

I love to play with emotion, gestures, light and shadows, to capture powerful , and funny, moments.

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Wether you are going away for a weekend or for several weeks, allow me to be part of your family for one day to immortalize your best laughs.

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