Cherry Street and Old Town Engagement Session in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Engagement Photographer

This was my first time doing an engagement session for a couple in Philadephia. I love Philly, and I already spent two getaway weekends in this city that I truly love.

As a primarily DC wedding photographer, I did not have specific locations in mind but the bride-to-be selected a few spots she thought could work. I followed them through Philadephia, finally becoming a Philly photographer for one day.

Best Philadephia engagement session locations

The bride-to-be looked at a few popular locations but chose to stay around Cherry Street and Old Town. We met under the bridge, on the pier, and started from there. As we walk along the pier, we started to talk about the wedding, their love story, how Anna came all the way from Europe to marry her American lover.

This is what I love the most during an engagement session. It helps connect the couple to the photographer so they can collaborate to make the best images, together. This is exactly how it worked with Anna and Jim. They had some ideas, and they inspired me and my creativity to capture beautiful instants.

If you want to know more about Anna and Jim and their experience with me, you can read what my former couples have said about me online.

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