Winter engagement session in Woodley Park, Washington D.C.

We met on a cold day in January. The week before, Washington DC finally felt it was the winter. After a few inches of snow, the temperature was below 30°F most days. Ben and Michela did not care. We maintained our scheduled session.

We decided to meet and to do in their neighborhood: Woodley Park. Unfortunately, our meeting was during the federal shutdown, so the zoo was out of the question.

We decided to start walking along Connecticut Avenue. We stopped by an old theater, then on the bridge, but our sweet spot really was the bridge and in the park underneath.

Engagement session at Woodley Park in Washington DC

Washington DC Engagement Photographer

Many wedding photographers are not fond of pre-wedding portraits. But I love it for two main reasons.

First, my couple and I would meet for the second time. It is important that you feel relax in front of your photographer. Getting used to the camera on the day of your wedding is not the ideal situation. That is why having your engagement session in Washington DC or any of your favorite place is a good idea.

Second, it is a great way to get non-wedding photos taken by a professional photographer. You will have the options to print and framed beautiful pictures of the two of you.

Engagement session in front of an old theater

How to choose the best location for your engagement pictures in Washington DC, Virginia or Maryland?

The site should talk to you, they should mean something in your relationship. It could be your home, your favorite bar, the park he or she proposed, your Sunday walk trail. If you are up for some adventure, it could be a National park or a sports session (love climbing? I do too!). Yes, you can go for a kayak trip or a horseback riding.

Washington DC has many beautiful locations for an engagement session but does the US Capitol or the Washington Monument really represent your love? An engagement session is also an opportunity to have fun in front of the camera.

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Engagement session in a DC bar

Natasha Lamalle engagement photographer

For Michela and Ben, the perfect scene to finish their session was in their favorite pub : Duke’s counter. We sat there to warm up as we just spent two hours in the cold! They grabbed some drinks and relaxed after all our intense but playful moment.

I could not wait for them to see all their images. I went home and started working on our fun moment. I was able to finish the editing in the early evening.

Thanks so much-we’ve been looking at them non-stop! They’re so great!! We really love them so much and we are so thrilled to have you as a photographer for our wedding!” - Michela and Ben.

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