Plan your church wedding with your photographer

For the first time, I have been invited to share a wedding in Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church in Easton (Virginia). 

Jo arrived at the church first. His mom was by his side all morning. At the church, she gave him a letter, a six-pages-letter to express her happiness and wish him a good life with his future wife. 

As they know how important every moment is during a wedding, they invited in with them so I could be here to capture this beautiful instant between a mother and her son.

Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church looked amazing on Jo and Kat's wedding pictures. The priest team was really cooperative with me.  

It is not always this way. As your photographer, I will make sure that I can be everywhere I need to be to get every smile, every laugh and every important moment of the ceremony. Communication with the church is very important as they sometimes can forbid us to go close to you or not use the lightning we need. 

So Kudos to the Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church team!


According to The Knot, there are few things to do to make sure everything will be smooth the day on:

  • Get to know your officiant ahead of time, pad in time when you're getting ready, offer comfortable seating, have a backup plan if your ceremony is outside, outline traditions in your program.

  • Don't Pick a spot that's extremely far away from your reception, don't spend your entire décor budget on flowers for the entrance, don't get too hung up on your program, don't insist that your shy friend should do a reading.