The perfect engagement session...

... is when you stay YOURSELVES!

You are unique, ask for unique pictures

Engagement sessions are my favorite when they are not posed, but above all when you can stay yourself, whether it is at your house, in your garden, or at your park where he/she proposed like them.

As my style is very photojournalistic, I tried to catch some moments by asking them to tell funny stories to each other. All my couples always spent a great time with each other, barely noticing I am actually here, taking pictures! 

Reculant groom usually like how I conduct my session because I never force them to do anything! I just give a frame of serenity and warmth. The rest is up to you!

What is an engagement session?

Once you’ve propose to your love one, you can have a portrait session. That is what we call engagement session! You can use it to announce the good news to other world, to send your “Save the Date” cards, or to use them on your wedding website! It also can be use to try out a photographer and see if you feel comfortable with the person that will spend the most important day of your life by your side.

How do you choose the location of the session?

For example, Evelynn and Andrew asked me to come to their house where they were preparing a pizza (one of their favorite meal!). They wanted a chill and relax time with their photographer. They used the photos to send their Save the Date cards.

I recommand to choose a location which is meaningful to you and represents who you are, how you feel, or vivid memories. It could be your treasured spot for ice cream, your lovely home, your parent’s garden, your dearest museum in Washington DC. At the end, the most important is that you feel cozy and relax.

Evelynn and Andrew’s review on the engagement

Here is what Evelynn thought about our session (review left on wedding wire) : 

"I was excited to work with Natasha from the moment I saw her portfolio. She was very responsive and easy-going and helped us ease the awkwardness of getting photos taken by giving direction when we most needed it. Pictures turned out great: they were really fun and encompasses what my fiancé and I had envisioned"

Their wedding at the Historic Rosemont Manor was absolutely delightful. Look at their wedding here.

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