Wedding at the Morais Vineyard, Virginia

Nazli and Kanwar married twice. In one day. Which bride on earth would not want this? Nazli was in heaven when she changed for the second time even if she was up since 3 am to get ready !

Indian wedding in Sterling

They started the day with an Indian wedding. Sari and jewel on, Nazli looked amazing ! We started the day at a Sikh temple in Sterling : Raj Khalsa Gurdwara. We took our shoes off and we all wear a scarf on our head. After an hour of ceremony, the guests went to eat to the buffet ready in another room of the temple.

Persian wedding at Morais Vineyard 

In the afternoon, we settled in the amazing garden of Morais Vineyard, Virginia. Nazli came to the ceremony on a horse-drawn carriage with her dad. It was a lovely moment which everyone enjoyed. 

After the ceremony, the cocktail hour and the meal, the real fun started on the dance floor. The two families went crazy on Indian and American music. As the tradition requires it, they throw money at the new couple ! 

I love Indian weddings

In another blog post, I explained why I love Indian weddings so much. This is more about the beautiful colors. The culture and traditions are so interesting to me. It really gives me so much creativity!

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Cinematography : Mary Hansan Studio

Photography : Natasha Lamalle second shooting for Focus Fine Photography

Venue : Morais Vineyard

Hair : Goli Mohseni