The bars : 7 fun ideas for your guests

During your wedding reception, you can tell thank you to your guests and entertain them with one simple and fun activity : a bar. 

The cigar bar

This is one of the trendiest wedding entertainment. Make sure your cigars are on the same table as some whisky bottles! Your guests won't stop telling you how awesome the idea is.

The flower bar

This is an original idea for your guests and a great giveaway gift! Put different flowers in different jar and let them arrange their own bouquet.   

The tea bar

If your wedding is going to be set in the nature, why not have a natural note at the end of the reception. Let your guests chose which tea they want and compose their own drink. You can also offer a box where they can take some back home. Another great gift to bring home!

The macaron bar

Who does not like this pastry? Colorful and delicious, the macarons are always a success. Your guests can do a "sweet stop" during their day or night at any moment!

The waffle bar

Just like the macaron bar, this is perfect for snacking during the day and all along the night! Your guests can choose what they want on it and personalize it! A great and delicious activity.

Toasted marshmallow & s'mores bar

How fun that could be? Do something you were doing when you were a kid and throw back some good memories at your wedding, surrounded by everyone you love. It could not get better!

Temporary Tattoo bar

Just like the S'more bar, let's have your inner child express itself! It's a great and fun activity which stays with you several days after the event. You can also order and personalize tattoos online!