Why do I love Indian weddings so much ?

I haven't discover indian weddings like most wedding photographers. As I was questioning myself about whether or not to start to wedding business, I went two weeks in India to be part of a three-day wedding. 

It was the peak of our trip ! I rushed into a shop with my former roommate and resident of New Delhi to find the perfect saree.

Sorry but I cannot restrain myself of posting these...

The wedding was taking place in Amritsar during two wonderful days, where we drank only water and Black label and danced like crazy on Indian-Sick music. Legen- wait for it - dary. Legendary !

What I love so much about Indian weddings are not just the colors. It's all about the traditions, the music, the culture. I enjoy seeing a total different way of committing to the love of a life. 

But above all, what I love the most, is the music. I can't just listen to Indian music. My full body is moving, starting with my feet, then my waist and then my arms up in teh air. I cannot do anything about that. 

I have shoot three Indian weddings - two Indian Punjabe weddings and one Pakistani Punjabe - and I cannot wait to shoot more. Here are some peak of these wonderful moments !

What about you ? How do you like to cover an Indian wedding or to be part of it ? What's your best experience ?