Victoria & Mike (Luray Caverns, VA)

The story of Mike and Victoria is one of the most beautiful tales I've ever heard. After two years and a half apart, her in Peru and him in Virginia, the two lovebirds finally got married. 

They chose a unique place: Luray Caverns in Virginia. 

For a photographer, its is a real challenge. I tried to keep the atmosphere of the caverns, along with my style. First Mike down to the caverns by walking through the fast way. I had time to get few shots of him and his groomsmen in the cavern. 

Victoria, the bride, walked one mile with her guests down to the caverns. The ceremony was really casual and done in 15 minutes. Then we walked back to the surface, taking pictures all the way to the beginning. 

The venue was the reception was on site. It was a beautiful room with walls in wood. After few bites and very emotional speeches, everyone started to dance in the middle of the tables. 

What a wonderful night!

Liz & John (Liberty Mountain, PA)

Liz and John got married to the wonderful location of Liberty Mountain resort last May. While the girls were getting ready in a room downstair, at the venue, the boys were downhill at the hotel.

The wedding took place just outside of the venue. The large sky path allowed us to get portraits with a beautiful green background. 

 The night finished with sparkles, which allowed me to catch the best exit for our two love birds. 

Second shooting for Andrew Morrell.